We bring together active, athletic people with visual disabilities in Latvia


Showdown was invented by Joe Luis from Canada in 1960. At the moment showdown basically is playing in Asia, America, and Europe. Game after this was played like an entartainment game in Longisland Paralympics 1984. has growned very well.

Showdonwn plays 2 people on a special table , who is equipped with two goals(Goal holes) in table ends. The aim of the game is to hit ball with bat in opponents goal, hiting with bat under table center board. Each palyer serves two times in a row.

Palyer for each goal gets two points, one point if opponent hits ball out of table, or hits centre board with ball, or makes bodytouch with ball.

First player who reaches eleven points with at least 2 point difference wins the set. Each player needs to win two sets.

One thing that is similiar to all blind sports are the ball, who makes sound to help the sportists