We bring together active, athletic people with visual disabilities in Latvia


Goalball is a team game. There participates two teams. In each team three palyers- with a view against each other. Each team is located in their side of field. The aim of the game is to throw ball in the opponent team goal.


Size 18×9 metres. Team field: three metres big field infront of the goal. Players can free move on their onw team field and throwed ball needs to touch field once before ball reach line , which ios located in a six metre distance at a goal and one more time – six metre neutral zone in the centre of a field.

Field lines are used to highlight field zoning. In this sports are used twine , which is coated with tape to make lines be tangible and to help players to orient.


The ball is packed with noise bells , which helps players to perceive it.

Eye bandages

Eye bandages need to be put on all the time to prevent situations where partially visible players scores.