We bring together active, athletic people with visual disabilities in Latvia


Athletics is the most exposed sports. In athletics participating around 70 countries in the world. Competitions are organized according to the system of the International Blind Sports Federation(IBSA). Rules of the International Athletics Federation fully aplies for B3 class athletes, but there are included nesessary changes in cases with bigger issues with vision, like they are in B1 and B2 classes.

Athletics competitions for visually impaired athletes have an ancient history, and since year 1981 are created regular programme of competitions in continental and world level. Currently atheltics competitions in continental level takes place regullary in Europe and America. Besides IBSA blind athletes competed in Paralimpyc games since Longisland(1984) , and athletics have central role in IBSA world championships.

Blind and visually impaired athletes competes in many athletics disciplines, except hurdles, steeplechase and pole vault.


B1 class athletes competing together with their guide. Athlete and guide can hold leash and run together. Guide cannot pull athlete , and finish line him needs to reach after athlete.


In long jump blind athletes are using springboard, measuring 1 metre like 1,22 metres. In long jums basically are two guides or two denominators. One is standing at springboard, second at the place where athlete starts his run-up.


Guide helps athlete to orient in throwing area or runway.