We bring together active, athletic people with visual disabilities in Latvia


Competitions for blind or visually impaired swimmers going on with IBSA made regulation, which is based on International Swimming Federation rules , varying those and considering 3 IBSA clasifications(B1, B2 and B3). Blind swimmers competes in the same disciplines like fully sighted swimmers ( freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and brass).

Main difference in blind swimming is start position(swimmers if they wanna can start compete when they at the start are in water) , and technique which swimmer uses when turning( guide helps blind swimmer understand that he is reaching end of swimming pool).

The meaning of the judge in relay race is very important. He is responsable for that to tell swimmers when they need to plunge in a water to take over relay from his team- mate.

Most important competitions in blind swiming are world Championships and Paralyimpic Games. Continental competitions happens regulary too.


For all B1 categry swimmers, its necessary to use goggles, so yhat the fight is fair.


In start of the 80s in 20th century was made technique, whis is using to warn blind swimmers when they are reaching the end of swimming pool. Passion, experimentation and hard work was main reasons to reach the result of Vilf and Odry Storm, was born technique- tap.

The tap of swimking need to be concerted with swimmers stroke. It need to make in real time, that swimmer can swim at full speed with no fear to hit the end of swimming pool and turning not to waste important seconds. There need to be highest level with trust to each other.