We bring together active, athletic people with visual disabilities in Latvia

About us

The Latvian Blind Sports Union is an independent public sports organisation in the Republic of Latvia, which combines Latvian Blind Sport Clubs and other collective, individual members on a voluntary basis. Latvian Blind Sports Union works with the International Blind Sport Association (IBSA), the European Blind Sport Association and many other organisations to promote the integration of blind people into society through sport.

The Latvian Blind Sports Union is a public-benefit organisation.

The aim of the Latvian Sports Union is to promote development of sport among people with visual disabilities in Latvia, to encourage their involvement in sporting events and to increase their skill, for reason, that sport becomes a tool for strengthening their health.

LNSS tasks:

  • Promoting sport as a tool of physically, mentally and psychologically rehabilitating people with visual disabilities and helping them to return to full society life.
  • Developing the vitality of athletes, involving them in organised sports events and physical activities, providing the necessary sports bases and sports equipment;
  • Promoting the implementation of Olympic ideals in Latvia and working in accordance with the principles of athletic unity and friendship;
  • Achieving the Latvian Blind Sports Union unity of members in matters entrusted to them by Union members;
  • Promoting the integration of people with visual disabilities into society;
  • Ensuring the protection of the interests of people with visual disabilities in the field of sport;
  • Promoting the social rehabilitation of people with visual disabilities through sport and physical culture;
  • To prepare and ensure the participation of Latvian athletes in European and world championships, Paralympic games and other international sports events;
  • Veikt sportistu atlasi Paralimpiskām spēlēm un citām starptautiskām sacensībām;
  • Selecting athletes for Paralympic games and other international competitions;
  • Promoting the establishment of new sports sections, collective and clubs;
  • Coordinating the activities of sports sections, collective and clubs, providing methodological and other assistance;
  • Together with other sports organisations organise meetings, scientific and practical conferences, seminars about people with visual disabilities on sports and physical culture questions;
  • Organising professional training courses for physical culture professionals, coaches and referees;
  • In cooperation with national authorities, the training of sports specialists for dealing with people with vision and vision;
  • Organising health events, sports festivals, Baltic and international competitions and training camps;
  • Oganising and creating the necessary conditions for the development of sport in Latvia for people with visual disabilities;
  • Promoting physical culture and sport as part of a healthy way of life, people’s comprehensive physical and mental development;
  • Provide organising sports championships and other competitions, regardless of their athletic condition, age, nationality and political views;
  • Approving and issuing LNSS competition rules, sports rules and other sports-related materials;
  • As the only organisation in Latvia to represent people with visual disabilities in sport – sports institutions and other organisations in Latvia and abroad;
  • Promoting the development of international relations with creative sports organisations abroad.