We bring together active, athletic people with visual disabilities in Latvia


Powerlifting in IBSA calendar is relatively new sports. First IBSA world Championships was held only in 2000. in Netherlands.

Powerlifting for blind sportists have the same rules as for fully sighted powerlifters. There are only one change – coach can guide sportist to the lifting platform and be with sportist till he starts lifting.

In competitions there are three excersises: sit ups, pressing lying down and draft. For sportists there are three attempts in each excersise. The best attempt gets on scoreboard, and in this way determines places.

Powerlifting often is mixed with weightlifting , but those are two diferent sports.

Lifting position

Coach guides blind sportist to the lifting area and stays there till sportist makes his attepmpt. He can help sportist to orient, when happens attempt.


The groove in the barbell helps for blind sportists feel bar with their touch.