We bring together active, athletic people with visual disabilities in Latvia


Due to orientation problems, which makes size of the football field , blind footballers instead of eleven palyers decides to play with five players on the field. Rules of FIFA are adapted for blind players, and thats why for playing football there are the same circumstances.

The lenght of football game is fifty minutes , with two halfs- each twenty five minutes. In team plays four blind field players and fully sighted goalkeeper, who helps for players for the first third of the field. There are two more guides: one in fields central third, and one more behind oponent goal, who helps players to orient in offense.

In such countries as Argentina, Brazil and Spain in this sports are introduced very strong traditions. The most important competitions in blind five to five football are IBSA world championships and Paralympic Games. In paralympics debut blind football had in Athens in 2004.


Size of the field is 20×40 metres , and there are barriers which helps ball to stay on a field. Height of barriers are 1,2 metres, it helps players to orient and makes game safer.


One of the most important equipments for B1 players are eye shades, which they use in a game. Some players are using head shades too.


Ball looks like normal football; its only differnce is inside the ball. Balls content makes sounds , which helps players to orient.