We bring together active, athletic people with visual disabilities in Latvia

Sports weekend “Saredzi Tumsā” 06.-08.08.2021

In past weekend LNSS in collaboration with Amata tourism club and it;s manager Armands hosted great sports weekend event, who;s way was from Ligatne to Sigulda.

Included was some sport activities like rope pulling, orientation in specialy maded track. However most interesting thing was ride raft along to Gauja. In the first day was maded 15km , but in second day most interested sportists made more 10km with raft.

It was a great option for those, who was never rowed, they tried that. Honor to have honor that our jouth knows how to row. Of course int he midle of all rowing was a laughing, talks and tasty food made on bonfire. And of course where without city of tents.

Thanks to all them who participated! We hope that next year LNSS can organize similiar events to this event.

See you in Jelgava, in Athletics.