We bring together active, athletic people with visual disabilities in Latvia

LNSS tourism event

LNSS after 9 month pause of events, could hold on some kind of activity.

25 people on 10th of July from Rīga and Liepāja drived to Talsu county, to “Laumas nature park” trail.

Need to say that this palce is suitable for an active rest , what we wanted to provide for our participants. There was 5 diferent trail with total 5km lenght. From LNSS view most interesting was sports trail , where participants needed to overcome , and our sportists could do that.

All participants eat tasty vegetable and chicken soup, which was made on the campfire.

Unequivocally thanks to all participants for this day. We think that we spend a really good sports day.

Events like these unite , and they are very useful.

We hope that at the end of July , we can make our first competition in 2021 – checkers.

See you again!