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LBSU board builds muscle

Do you know , why we need muscles? Yes wright to build strenght. And this is what we LBSU board wana, to build our muscles and know better how to use social media.

We know that this is big power if you know how to smartly use social media, to get more audience for our Union. They can be LBSU members , active sportists, even sponsors. In last few years we try to understand how better use our Facebook page. And now we started to active use our Youtube channel , and make more and more content for our Youtube channel.

We like to film and make photos and then this content share with others. But problem what we see in our social media channels, that our member numbers not getting much more. And the same situation is with active sportists in our great competitions. This is signal for us that something is not wright and we need to try fix this situation.

Saturday LBSU board connected in online seminar with Ints Balodis, who will help us do thins better with social media. He told that he will be a cruel and will say critique about our social media content.

We all listened what said Ints, and acutally already started to understand our mistakes what we made in past. This was only our first meeting with Ints, but there will be more. We understand that noone promises to us a fast success in all this thing.

P.S. How good that we have our Norvegian finansial support.