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Goalball 2021

Yesterday in Incukalns was held LBSU goalball competition 2021.

This year started 4 teams – “Skolas seniori”, “Trīs runči”, “Mixeri”, “Ezerkrasts”.

It was pleasure to see in goalball competition few debitants, who never played in Latvian goalball championship. But even more glad to hear that this tournamnet for some players gave impulse to continue training and play further goalball. Unfortanetelly for us in Latvia there is big problem to find place where to take goalball trainings in this dinamic and interesting sports.

If we talk about this tournament that wins in all 3 games get “Skolas seniori”, who take Latvian champions title. Second place for experience “Mixeri” team. Unfortunatelly injury got LBSU president Imants Elstiņš. In bronze position this year team “Trīs Runči”, consisting of most porductive player was Guntars Spalviņš, who scored 22 goals.

After team competition there was played an individual throw 1vs1 torunament, where a winner became Kaspars Biezais, who in final 2:1 defeated his team-mate Vladislavs Kurakins.

We need to say thanks to Antons Geiba and Incukalns sport complex for oportunity to take these goalball competition. We can say only good words. And of course thanks to Lithuanian goalball referee;s who whistled in this tournament. Thanks to fans too, who supported all teams in time of competiton and volunteers, who helped us.