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Deniss in European showdown top12 finishes in 7th place

In first competition day Deniss won 4 of 6 games. In second day Deniss was played more 5 games. Morning started with very high intensity game with world ranking number 2 player Adrian Sloninka from Poland. tension full game finished in 5 sets and Deniss won! After game Deniss didn;t hide his emotions and he say thanks words to his coach Imants Elstiņš.

Next game was with world ranking numer 1 player other Polish player Kristian Kysiel. In 4 sets won Kristian, but Deniss played very well. To keep hopes for tournament top3 places, Deniss needed to win all 3 last games. Games were very hard and stresfull.

Deniss won only in 1 of them, he defeated Marco Carai from Italy. Both games with Finish players Ari Lahtinen and Jouni Vitimaki Deniss lost in 5 sets.

However Deniss game in france was good. Firstly Deniss won 6 games, and this one more then 2 years ago in ETT12 in Estonia. Secondly performance from Deniss was at level who can help him play with all big showdown names in Europe!