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Deniss and his coach Imants coments after showdown ETT21 in France

Deniss Ovsjaņņikovs coments after returning from France:

“I got new experience playing with players with what i never played”. There was players who can;t get to the France because they are no Vacinated for Covid-19. They were changed with palyers out of Top12.

I was first time in France. We played on a new showdown tables. of course it was new experince to play on these new tables. I need to use new techoque to score goals and get points.

I was surpised that referee;s were whistling so badly at this tournament, but we can understand that because all got few tournaments. That means they to got hard to referee again in high level aftyer this Covid-19 pause.

Overall i am satisfied with organizers work. All was organized good.

But i am disappointed with myself – beacuse i wanted to win more games then i was won.

Coaches Imants Elstiņš coments:

Overall Deniss start i welcome it. played he actually good, mentaly and phisically he was ready for these competition. maybe not for 1st place, but for place in top3 why not. When you need to play in one day 6 five sets games it takes a lot of you. It;s very hard. Of course there still some nuances, but let;s left that for other competition.