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Chess and draughts competition 2021

Greetings in our 2021 sports season! Pause with Covid-19 issues are ended and we can now to lead our competitions. We hope that those will be all this years competition. First was checkers tournament on 31.st of July and chess on 1st of August in Riga , Braila street 8. In event started only vakcinated or become ill sportists.

In this years tournament participated 15 checkers. Most of them was from “Redzi Mani” society – 8. We used Buholtz system and played 7 rounds. If we compare wit past year , then this time intrigue was till the end. Interesting duel were Deniss Ovsjannikovs vs Pēteris Jakovels, who shared 1 point with each other. In sixth round Aldis Kalniņš lost to Pēteris and finished in 4th place. In third placed finished Deniss with 5,5 points. Second was Guntis Bringulis with 6 points.

Became the winner pēteris Jakovels with 6,5 points.

If we talk about chess competitions, then there started 4 chess players. They played round robin. In fourth place finished Indulis Bumbieris without points. Bronze award for Aleksandrs Lācis with 1,5 points. Aldis Kalniņš was second with 2 points, and became a winner Guntis bringulis with 2,5 points.

Thanks to LNB RC Riga branch who supported us. Next competitions will be Athletics in Jelgava on 14th of August.

See you there!