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Athletics 2020 in Jelgava

Today in Jelgava, Zemgale Olympic Center, the LNSS 2020 athletics competition took place.

This year, the largest number of athletes (40) in any of the competitions organized by the LNSS in the last decade started in Athletics

In the men’s 100m youth competition, the first three places – third Artūrs Korjaks – 15.14 seconds, second Iļja Slotins – 14.75 seconds, first place for Kristofers Avotiņš – 14.39 seconds. For the senior competition, the top three are Zigma Kidikas 19.52 seconds, Andis Briģis 18, 61 seconds and Viktors Sergejevs – 17.91 seconds.

The fastest in the open group: Mārtiņš Vizulis – 17.46 seconds, Nikolajs Osipovs – 14.56 seconds, and the first place goes to Uģis Skuja – 14.49 seconds.

The women’s 100 meters, in the young women’s group the second is Amanda Blumberga – 18.66, and the winner Diana Dubrovska – 17.34 seconds. For seniors, the second Ināra Ikauniece 24.5 seconds, the first Galina Šaroka 24.2 seconds. In the open group, the second Alise Mālere 23.75 seconds, the first Kristine Lapuha – 23.58 seconds.

In the 200 meters for women and in the open group, both 1st and 2nd place are the same as the women’s 100 meters. Meanwhile, seniors second place is won by Gaļina Šaroka, but the winner Ligita Zvirbule – 49, 43 seconds.

In the 200 meters for the young men, the third Iļja Slotiņš – 33.31 seconds, the second Kristofers Avotiņš – 32, 74 seconds, the first place Artūrs Korjaks – 31.12 seconds. In the open group 3rd place Mārtiņš Vizulis 33.64 seconds, second place Uģis Skuja 30.18 seconds, first place Deniss Ovsjanņikovs – 30.16 seconds.

In the 400 meters men, the third place in the youth competition is Denis Tsvetkov – 1:19 minutes, the second Christopher Avotiņš – 1:16 minutes, finally the first Artūrs Korjaks 1:13 minutes. In the open class the second Aldis Kalnins 1:56 minutes, the victory for Denis Ovsjanikov 1:03 minutes.

In the 400 meters for women in the youth group, the in second place was Amanda Blumberga 2:07 minutes, in the first place Diāna Dubrovska 1:34 minutes, in the open group the second place is won by Ligita Zvirbule 2:02 minutes, the first meanwhile Aigija Steel 1:40 minutes.

In the 800 meters men’s open class third place Guntis Bringulis 3:40 minutes, second Nikolajs Osipovs 3:01 minute, winner Deniss Ovsjannikov 2:51 minutes.

In the 1500 meters men’s open group, third place for Vladislavs Kurakins 9:37 minutes, second Guntis Bringulis 8:01 minute, finally Andris Upmalis 7:25 minutes.

In the men’s long jump in the youth competition, Deniss Cvetkovs was third 4.26 meters, Iļja Slotiņš was second 4.28 meters, and Kristofers Avotiņš was 4.45 meters in first place. Third in the open group Artūrs Līvmanis – 3.43 meters. Second place for Vladislav Kurakin 4.16 meters, first Nikolai Osipov – 4.73 meters.

In the young women group the second place Amanda Blumberga – 3.1 meters. First place – Diana Dubrovska – 3.65 meters. In the open group third place Ināra Ikauniece – 2.25 meters, second place – Ligita Zvirbule 2.32 meters, meanwhile first place Aigija Tērauda – 2.7 meters.

In the shot put for women – seniors, the second place for Gaļina Šaroka – 4.2 meters, the first place – Ināra Ikauniece – 4.87 meters. In the open group third place for Viktorija Dukaļska – 4.55 meters, second place for Aigija Tērauda – 4.98 meters, and the winner Liene Blumberga – 5.76 meters.

For men in the senior group, the third place is won by Guntis Bringulis – 7.93 meters, the second place Viktors Sergejevs – 9.53 meters, the first place Andis Briģis – 9.81 meters. In the open group the third Mārtiņs Vizulis – 8.25 meters, the second Gints Blumbergs – 8.58 meters and the winner Emīls Dzilna – 10.34 meters.

In the men’s senior group the third place in the disc throwing was Andis Briģis 22.12 meters, the second Viktors Sergejevs 23.4 meters and the first place Aivars Mirks 26.42 meters. In the open group third Andris Jugbārds – 8.91 meters – second place Gints Blumbergs 20.01 meters, winner Emīls Dzilna 23, 98 meters.

For women, the disc throwing competition in the open group, third place for Victoria Dukaļska – 11.53 meters, second place for Liene Blumberga – 11.676 meters, meanwhile first place for Baiba Zemgale – 13.19 meters.

Finally, in women’s javelin throwing in the senior class, the second place was Ligita Zvirbule 9.42 meters, the first place Ināra Ikauniece – 12.13 meters. In the open group third place – Baiba Zemgale – 8.22 meters, second place Liene Blumberga 8.36 meters, and first place Viktorija Dukaļska – 9.27 meters.

In the end, in the men’s senior group in javelin throwing, the third is Guntis Bringulis – 16.43 meters, the second Aivars Mirks – 22.72 meters, the first place Viktors Sergejevs – 25.17 meters. In the open group, the third place is Raimonds Briežkalns 20.72 meters, the second Gints Blumbergs – 23.43 meters and the winner – Emīls Dzilna – 31.62 meters.

The impressive competition is over, now in October the rest of this year’s LNSS competition are over.

P.S. thank you all for participating!